Bible Reading

by Valley Commando Board Member Steve Levey From Mount Pleasant Baptist Church

One of the things that we are doing in Neath is RBT (Reading the Bible Together).  There are passages of the Bible that perplex preachers and it needs other members to see the obvious. Take 1 Kings for example, which starts with the story of David at the end of his life. Now we know how David trusted the risen Christ for salvation (Acts 2:31) and we know he is an example of faith in Christ (Romans 4). But why does the book start with him shivering and old, sleeping with a pretty woman but unable to do anything but sleep. He looks so ridiculous, such a fool. I’d always been perplexed but someone in the Neath RBT group pointed out that even though David trusted the Lord himself to come and save him (2 Sam 7:11), the unbelieving servants around him looked at his life and thought, “you know what David needs?” “A pretty woman.”

Bible Study

The question hangs out there.  When I am old what will unbelievers think I need? Christ or something that makes me look an old fool – a solemn warning from RBT Neath.