The Welsh Valleys
is a unique region of South Wales that is home to some 1.3 million people (a third of the entire population of Wales). In many ways the Valleys are a fascinating contradiction – irresistible natural beauty rubbing shoulders with post-industrial carnage. Strong community spirit colliding with devastating social breakdown. Proud history staring down the barrel of a bleak and uncertain future.

Historically the Valleys is remembered as a hot-bed of religious devotion. Following the famous revival of 1904 the gospel was very much at the heart of community life and literally thousands of chapels were needed to house the multitudes who attended worship services up and down the valleys each week.

Fast forward 100 years and the picture couldn’t be much different. The derelict, crumbling chapels that now litter the Valleys tell the harrowing story of a region that has forsaken the gospel of Jesus, and ultimately, lost hope. Now synonymous with massive unemployment, poverty, crime, drug abuse, depression and suicidal despair, the Welsh Valleys are more in need of God’s love than ever before.

It is in order to meet this need that Valley Commandos has been launched.

List of the  Valleys in South Wales from West to East:

Gwendraeth Valley

Amman Valley

Loughor Valley

Swansea Valley (Tawe Valley)

Dulais Valley

Neath Valley

Afan Valley

Llynfi Valley

Garw Valley

Ogmore Valley

Rhondda Valley

Cynon Valley

Aber Valley

Ely Valley

Taff Valley

Taff Bargoed Valley

Rhymney Valley

Sirhowy Valley

Ebbw Valley

Ebbw Fach Valley

Afon Llwyd Valley (Eastern Valley)